Packaging & Shipping Policy

At Knari - She Is You, we understand the importance of a smooth and swift shopping experience. Our packaging and shipping process is designed to ensure your orders are handled with care and reach you in impeccable condition.

Order Confirmation and Additional Services

Upon placing your order, you will promptly receive an order confirmation email. Within the next 24 hours, one of our dedicated representatives will contact you to confirm your order and discuss any additional services you may require. This includes confirming your preferred delivery address.

Speedy Delivery

We prioritize swift delivery at Knari. As soon as we receive your order, each garment goes into immediate production. After the manufacturing process is completed within the specified timeline, we take special care to pack your items in secure packaging that can be placed directly into your wardrobe. Our shipping packages are high-quality and waterproof to safeguard your purchases during transit.

Quality Check Process

To ensure that each garment arrives in pristine condition, we follow a rigorous 10-step quality check process from manufacturing to shipping.

This includes:

  • Checking
  • ironing, and steaming. 
  • Labelling 
  • Documenting through image capture
  • Custom packaging
  • Secure waterproof packaging
  • Address labelling
  • Additional documentation via photographs
  • Scheduling pick-up with delivery partners
  • And finally, informing you upon dispatch.

Your product will be sealed with a quality assurance note signed by our quality checking executive.

Domestic and International Shipping

Our domestic packages typically reach metropolitan areas within 4 working days. In more remote areas, the delivery may take up to 7 days.

For international packages heading to major cities in different countries, you can expect delivery within 6-8 days, and sometimes even as early as 4 days. Please note that specific shipping durations will be provided by our delivery partners at the time of purchase.

Timely Updates and Tracking

We take pride in sticking to the production and delivery timelines we provide. Throughout the process, we strive to keep you informed about your order's progress. Once your product is shipped, you will receive your package details along with a tracking number to easily monitor the status of your delivery.

At Knari - She Is You, we're committed to delivering your orders with care, precision, and speed. We look forward to serving you and ensuring your shopping experience is exceptional.