Moon Dress

Rs. 18,790.00
She moves the Earth with the elegance of moonlight. She is You.

Hand woven and hand embroidered.

Made to Order

This is a 100% handcrafted piece that is only made to order. Every order takes up to 21 days to manufacture once placed.

You are the Moon Goddess, and this is your ethereal robe. This enigmatic yet surreal dress is crafted to visually embody self-acceptance and individual wholeness, adorned with DNA-embroidered straps that elegantly culminate in symbolic mushrooms. These motifs artfully illustrate the intricate connection between birth and purpose. 

The dress's graceful body unfolds like a celestial canvas, showcasing a moon shedding tears that tenderly nurture flowers, a poignant portrayal of life's divine comedy, where joy and sorrow intertwine in a delicate dance.

This resplendent dress is fashioned from Linen Noil—a fabric as unique as the wearer's spirit. Unlike regular Linen, Noil is an opaque, hand-spun organic linen that possesses weightiness yet remains absolutely breathable and soft, cradling you in comfort. The handwoven textile bears a beautiful matte finish, with visible 'slubs' that are the hallmark of handwoven fabrics. It is an exceedingly easy-to-maintain fabric, retaining its quality even after countless washes, a textile to be cherished for decades—a poetic echo of timeless beauty woven into the fabric of your being.

  • Fabric Colour: Off-white 

  • Embroidery Colour: Black and White

  • Crafted In: 42 Hours

• Preserve the quality by opting for dry clean only.

• Avoid using safety pins as they could damage the fabric.

• Air the saree every few months to keep it intact.

• Avoid spraying perfume on the garment directly.

This product is made to order, and will take upto 21 days to manufacture after the order is confirmed.

• Professional shipping time applicable depending on domestic (pan india) and international destinations. For more information visit packaging and shipping
• Since this is an entirely customised outfit, we don't offer any exchanges or returns. For more information visit returns, refunds & cancellations.
• If there are any alterations, garments will be picked up by us, altered and sent back.

Custom Sizing

For personalized measurements tailored to your body type, feel free to request custom sizing. After placing your order, our team will promptly contact you via WhatsApp and email to assist in gathering your measurements. For any additional measurement guidance, please visit the following link for inquiries.

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