About us

KNARI: She is you.

In the enchanting world of Knari, every fold of fabric, stitch, and intricate detail speaks the language of the Divine Feminine. Knari, derived from the sacred Sanskrit word नारी, embodies the essence of womanhood in its most ethereal form; a force beyond the ordinary.

In the heart of our philosophy lies the profound metaphor of "She is You." It's more than just words; it's a mirror reflecting the extraordinary within you. Your role model, your guiding star, is not a distant figure but a radiant reflection of your own potential.

At Knari, we believe that every woman is a tapestry of divine attributes—strength, grace, passion, and resilience. Our sarees are not just garments; they are symbols of this celebration. When you drape yourself in Knari, you're not merely wearing fabric; you're adorning your spirit with the sacred energy of your own being.

Our Heritage Story

In the heart of Knari beats a legacy of tradition, expertise, and a deep-rooted love for textiles, carried forward by a dedicated family of textile connoisseurs, retail aficionados, and passionate designers.
Our core team at Knari boasts a rich heritage, encompassing 75 years of collective wisdom in the the Indian Textile industry.

At Knari, our expertise extends far beyond borders, creating a network of weavers and artisans spanning the length and breadth of India, from the ethereal looms of Kanchipuram to the ancient artistry of Varanasi, the timeless allure of Kota, and the artistic finesse of West Bengal and Indonesia.

In the enchanted realm of Knari, every creation begins with a blank canvas, waiting to be adorned with tales of craftsmanship; from the rhythmic dance of the loom to the delicate art of hand-dyeing and printing, and the intricate magic of embroidery and stitching.

Beyond the looms and needles, Knari is a beacon of hope for many. Through our efforts, we contribute to their well-being and nurture the dreams of their children, ensuring brighter futures and higher education.

Our Love for Fabric

Knari's fabrics are born from a lineage of craftsmanship, a journey harnessed through time. We tread the path paved by our ancestors, working intimately with master weavers in the silk industry. These artisans, the custodians of centuries-old wisdom, collaborate with us to custom-create fabrics; Each fabric is a masterpiece, meticulously woven with the intelligence of textile artistry and the grace of design, a symphony of luxury and comfort.

We understand that the essence of any enduring garment lies in the foundation it's built upon. Here, we don't just choose fabric; we curate tales of tradition, intertwining them with contemporary elegance.

Our Realm of Design

We believe in celebrating the essence of every woman, embracing her uniqueness as a cherished treasure. Our vision is guided by four exquisite pillars, each promising an extraordinary journey through the world of sarees.

Empowering Confidence

Our first pillar revolves around customising garments, sculpting silhouettes that embrace every curve. Here, we craft garments that whisper stories of confidence, making you feel your sexiest, most confident self.

Embracing Playfulness and Drama

Life is a canvas, and at Knari, we add playful splashes of colour and drama. We invite your inner child to dance and play with garments that amuse and entertain. Our designs feature elements that bring joy, that you can interact with, and can truly express yourself with.

A Symphony of Colours and Emotions

Our combinations are more than just hues; they are visual aids that transport you to a world of visual delight. We indulge deeply in the art of exploring colours, mixing shades to evoke lemotions of pleasant surprise.

Inspired by Mother Nature

From the mystique of minerals to the delicate elegance of leaves and bugs, nature’s wonders inspire our designs. Each creation is a homage to the natural world, a testament to the awe-inspiring artistry found in the very core of existence.

Our Efforts for Tomorrow

Our vision extends beyond the realm of sarees; it encapsulates a commitment to uplift every woman, every artisan, and every weaver who graces our world. We hope for our creations to become the canvas upon which every woman paints her unique story, embracing her identity with courage and grace. In the gossamer dreams of Knari’s future, philanthropy and social responsibility find a sacred place. We envision a society where women walk free, their safety and dignity upheld as sacred virtues. To champion this cause, Knari is birthing its own foundation—a sanctuary of hope and support. This foundation stands as a testament to our commitment, offering a hand to those in need, elevating women’s safety to a noble pursuit. Join us in this extraordinary journey into the future of Knari, where every weave, every thread, and every endeavour carries the promise of a brighter tomorrow.